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Abnormal freight loads

The maximum theoretical weight we can carry is 180 tonnes, but we apply no surcharge for anything below 75 tonnes on the channel or 50 tonnes to Spain. Specific tariffs are available on request.

For the carriage of Abnormal Loads exceeding 50 tonnes, an Abnormal Load Form (Link to Excel form below) should be completed, along with any diagrams or drawings and sent to our Reservations Office.

Contact details
A completed Abnormal Load Form must be sent to our Reservations Office by email or fax.
Fax:0330 159 5042
Important information

All abnormal loads are required to be on port at least 2 hours before scheduled departure time, shipment cannot otherwise be guaranteed.

Our long-standing membership of the Heavy Transport Association (HTA) is evidence of our commitment to this very important sector of the transport industry, and our ships are particularly well suited to the carriage of anything up to 6m wide and 5m high.