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Privacy policy

Brittany Ferries is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. We aim to do this by ensuring that the collection and processing of your data complies fully with the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

This Customer Personal Data Protection Policy applies to the collection and processing of your data and your relationship with Brittany Ferries.

Your confidence in Brittany Ferries is essential to us.

The Data Controller is the Company at this address:

Port du Bloscon
CS 60072
29688 ROSCOFF cedex
B.A.I. Bretagne-Angleterre-Irlande - Société Anonyme à Directoire et Conseil de Surveillance au Capital de 22 831 056 €.
R.C.S. Brest 927 250 217 - SIRET 927 250 217 00027 - Code APE 5010Z - TVA FR86 927 250 217 - Registre des Opérateurs de Voyages et de Séjours IMO29100011

Details of how to contact the Data Controller is given at the end of this privacy notice.

What personal data?

If you are a customer or potential customer, we will need to ask you for information about you and the people travelling with you, such as:

  • Contact details (e.g. last name, first name, telephone number, email, postal address)
  • Personal information (e.g. date of birth)
  • Identification information (e.g. nationality, passport number, vehicle registration number)
  • Information relating to your children (e.g. first name, date of birth, age)
  • Your membership number (if you are a Club Voyage member)
  • Information relating to your credit card
  • Technical information generated by the use of our websites and web applications
  • Your questions/comments, during or after your trip

The information collected for persons under 18 years of age is limited to their name, nationality and date of birth, and these can only be supplied to us by an adult. If a person between 16 to 18 years old is travelling independently, we may need to collect more information.

We may need to collect information about your health if you are a vulnerable customer, or have restricted mobility, to meet your requirements, to provide you with an appropriate service, or if you seek medical attention during your crossing.

In terms of your credit/debit cards, we do not store cardholder data after the payment is made.

When is your personal data collected?

Personal data may be collected at various times in your relationship with Brittany Ferries, including:

a. Travel plan: 

  • To get a quote, book or amend a ferry crossing or holiday ( Ferry + Accommodation)
  • For table reservations in restaurants on some ferries
  • To manage requests, complaints and/or to help resolve disputes
  • CCTV on board the ferries
  • Complaints and incidents recording
  • Medical care provided on board

b. Participation in marketing programs or events:

  • Signing up for member programmes, for example Club Voyage and using your member card.
  • Participation in customer surveys
  • Online games or competitions
  • Subscription to newsletters, in order to receive information and offers via email

c. Transmission of information to and/or from third party partners:

  • For example to/from tour operators, travel agencies and others partner organizations

d. Internet activities:

  • Connection to Brittany Ferries websites (cookies)
  • Online forms (online reservations, questionnaires, etc.)
  • Managing your internet account
  • Online forms (online questionnaire, web applications form)

e. Contact management:

  • Recording of telephone calls
  • Storage of mail, email, chat conversations with us

f. Checking at port:

  • Checking your identity and the other passengers on the booking

g. Exercising yours rights on your data:

  • Checking your identity

For what purposes?

We collect your personal data for the purposes of:

a. Meeting obligations to our customers and managing the booking of ferry crossings and accommodation requests- for the performance of a contract

b. Improving our service, especially:

  • Processing your personal data to improve our customer communications and gain a better understanding of your requirements and wishes
  • Adapting our products and services to better meet your requirements
  • Customising commercial offers and the promotional messages we send to you
  • Informing you of special offers and any new services
  • Carrying out surveys and analyses of questionnaires and customer comments
  • Managing claims/complaints

c. Managing our relationship with customers before, during and after your travel:

  • Managing member programmes, for example Club Voyage
  • Providing timely and relevant information before, during and after travel with us
  • Sending you newsletters
  • Managing requests to unsubscribe from newsletters and satisfaction surveys
  • Taking into account right to object

d. Meeting all Brittany Ferries' legal obligations

How do we share your data?

We share your personal data with internal and external recipients, subject to the following conditions:

a. In order to offer the best service, we may share your personal data and give access to Brittany Ferries authorized personnel, including:

  • Crew
  • Reservation and port staff using Brittany Ferries reservation tools
  • IT departments
  • Commercial and marketing services
  • Medical services if applicable
  • Legal services if applicable
  • Generally, any appropriate person within Brittany Ferries for certain specific categories of personal data

b. Concerning service providers and partners- your personal data may be sent to a third party

  • External service providers: IT sub-contractors, banks, credit card issuers, insurers, external lawyers, dispatchers, and printers
  • Commercial partners for your accommodation

c. We may also be obliged to send your information to authorities if this is required by law or as part of an inquiry and in accordance with applicable regulations.

Data security

Brittany Ferries takes appropriate technical and organizational measures, in accordance with applicable legal provisions, to protect your personal data against illicit or accidental destruction, accidental alteration or loss, and unauthorized access or disclosure.

When you submit credit/debit card data when making a reservation, SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology is used to guarantee a secure transaction.


Cookies may be installed on your computer or mobile device depending on the cookie preferences that you expressed or may express at any time. Please read our Cookies policy for more information.

Storage of data

We retain your personal data only for the period necessary for the purposes set out in this policy and that we believe customers would consider reasonable, or in accordance with the provisions of applicable law.

Access and modification

You have the right to access your personal data collected by Brittany Ferries. You can modify it, subject to applicable legal provisions, and also exercise your right to object and your right to data portability, by writing to the address below or by sending an email to Customer Services.

Country of residenceAddress Email
FranceBrittany Ferries Service Satisfaction Clients - Port du Bloscon - B.P. 72 - 29688 Roscoff cedex, France
Spain Brittany Ferries al Departamento de Administración, Estación Marítima 39002 Santander, Spain
Other Brittany Ferries Customer Services, Millbay, Plymouth, PL1 3EW,

For the purposes of confidentiality and personal data protection, we will need to identify you in order to respond to your request. You will be asked to include a copy of an official piece of identification, such as a driver's license or passport, along with your request.

All requests will receive a response as swiftly as possible and in accordance with applicable law.

You may also exercise your rights in respect of your personal data that is stored and processed by a holiday accommodation provider following a stay. To do this, you must contact the holiday accommodation provider.

Policy changes

We may modify this policy from time to time. We therefore recommend that you consult it regularly, particularly when making a booking.

Questions and contact

For any questions concerning the Brittany Ferries' Customer Personal Data Protection Policy, please contact the Data Protection Officer of Brittany Ferries by sending an email to

If, after contacting us, you believe that your data protection rights are not respected, you can submit a complaint online to ICO or by post.

Last updated: 20 December 2018