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Our Track & Trace system

What information must I complete before travelling?

Brittany Ferries have produced a User Guide for Hauliers to support completing our Track and Trace form. Download these guides below:

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In addition to all other customs requirements, please note that for loaded vehicles travelling accompanied from UK to Spain, a Safety and Security (ENS) declaration MUST be completed and details logged on to our Track and Trace system prior to arrival at the port by the haulier

In the case of unaccompanied vehicles, we will facilitate the generation of this declaration but the details that we need to do this must equally be entered on Track and Trace. Failure to enter the required details for both accompanied and unaccompanied bookings will result in refusal of shipment. Please note that only completely empty vehicles are exempt from ENS requirements. Vehicles loaded with empty pallets/packaging must still complete a declaration.

Safety and Security declarations are also required for loaded vehicles travelling from UK to France with the exception of empty pallets/packaging for reuse. These are exempt from ENS requirements.