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How does Brexit affect me?

Brexit preparations

What information must I complete before travelling?

Brittany Ferries have produced a User Guide for Hauliers to support completing our Track and Trace form. Download these guides below:

IMPORTANT: In addition to all other customs requirements, please note that for loaded vehicles travelling accompanied from UK to Spain, a Safety and Security (ENS) declaration MUST be completed and details logged on to our Track and Trace system prior to arrival at the port by the haulier.

In the case of unaccompanied vehicles, we will facilitate the generation of this declaration but the details that we need to do this must equally be entered on Track and Trace. Failure to enter the required details for both accompanied and unaccompanied bookings will result in refusal of shipment. Please note that only completely empty vehicles are exempt from ENS requirements. Vehicles loaded with empty pallets/packaging must still complete a declaration.

Safety and Security declarations are also required for loaded vehicles travelling from UK to France with the exception of empty pallets/packaging for reuse. These are exempt from ENS requirements.

Guidance for Hauliers


Transporting goods between Great Britain and the EU from 1st January 2021

Exports from UK > Imports into France & Spain:

Hauliers and commercial drivers: You will need new documents to transport goods into the EU after Brexit

All vehicles presented for shipment must have a Movement Reference Number (MRN) for each consignment. The MRN is the proof that the import/export goods have been declared in the customs system. Drivers should have been provided with this by the exporter or their agent. A bar code will have been provided, which must be scanned at check-in. The only exceptions are for empty vehicles, ATA, TIR or postal goods. Vehicles carrying goods that will be presented to BIP (SIVEP in France) for clearance will not need a separate MRN, but will need to make this sanitary declaration a minimum of 48 hours in advance. Vehicles presented for shipment without the required MRN will not be permitted to ship.

Additionally, a Safety and Security Declaration must be logged with customs for all consignments. Brittany Ferries must be satisfied that this requirement has been met before loading will be authorised.

Imports into UK > Exports from France or Spain:

All goods leaving the EU require a customs declaration to be made and whilst we understand that UK's HMRC is not proposing to make checks at the UK border, liability will nonetheless exist in respect of making the proper declarations. Brittany Ferries will need to have a reasonable belief that such declarations have been made. The requirement for a Safety and Security declaration has been deferred for the first six months after Brexit.

What do international road hauliers need from January 2021?

What UK goods vehicle operators need to do to carry out international road haulage from 1 January 2021:

Customs Information:

Information regarding the location of Customs Agents can be found by visiting the following link:

Armoric Freight
T +44 1752 338 698 

T +44 1772 368 002 

Paula Iturbe: +34 747 785 348

Sira Aranguren Lozano 
T +34 94 424 22 88 / +34 616 42 94 44

Appoint someone to deal with customs on your behalf:

Return your rejected exports from the EU from 01 January 2021: 


Importing Goods from the European Union (EU) from 1 October 2021

iNew actions required for businesses importing products of animal origin into Great Britain from the EU.

From 1 October 2021, there will be new requirements to continue importing animal products for both human consumption and non-human consumption from the European Union into Great Britain.

Some of the requirements include, pre-notifying authorities that consignments will be entering Great Britain and uploading a certified Export Health Certificate using the Import of products, animals, food and feed system (IPAFFS). 

It is important that businesses take the necessary preparatory steps to ensure they can comply with the new requirements. To assist you with this, we will be holding webinars for traders with a panel of experts to give you more information and to answer your questions.

Please register for webinars which are relevant for the goods you import. You can book your place at

Animal Health Regulation: Live webinars with an expert panel 

Defra will be holding a further webinar for traders with a panel of experts to answer your questions on the new Animal Health Regulation (AHR) Export Health Certificates (EHCs).

The EU is making changes to its animal health laws, therefore EHCs and Notes for Guidance used to move goods to Northern Ireland or export to the EU need to be updated. If you are a trader who exports certain animals, germinal products and products of animal origin, these changes will affect you.

Please register for webinar below:

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Who should attend?




AHR trader webinar - live animals (including poultry) and other previously published AHR EHCs

Panel of experts from Defra and APHA will answer traders' questions on the new AHR EHCs for live animals which include poultry. It will also cover other AHR EHCs that we have previously published

Traders exporting to the EU and/or moving to NI 

Wednesday 4 August

11-12 am



Register for webinar


Instructions for registering for the webinar:

  • To join the webinar, simply select the link in the 'Register here' column
  • Once selected, you will be asked to confirm your name, email address, and organisation
  • This will register you for the webinar for the live Q&A with our expert panel
  • Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email that will include a link to add the webinar to your calendar
  • You do not need to download any software to access the webinar, the link will open in your browser (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge etc.)
  • Please join the webinar 5 minutes before the start time


If you have any questions about the webinars please contact:


Horse Transportation:

Horse Passport issuing organisations:

Export Horses & Ponies from 01 January 2021:

Animal and Animal Product Transportation:

Importing animals - animal products, food & feed:

Exporting animals, animal products to the EU from 01 January 2021:

Trading & moving endangered species protected by Cites from 01 January 2021:

Register for free Webinar - Guidence for exporters of animals and products of animal origin.

Guidance for hatching eggs & chicks from 01 January 2020:

Fish and Live Aquatic Animal Transportation:

Export fish to the EU from 1 January 2021

Importing & exporting live acquatic animals from 01 January 2021:

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