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Caen Port Exit Procedures

French Customs have set up a new exit barrier system at the port of Ouistreham.

With immediate effect, drivers of accompanied vehicles arriving from the UK (regardless of customs status (green / orange) must carry out their immigration controls immediately after disembarking from the ship. Vehicles will be directed to a Customs booth in order to carry out these immigration controls (ID card/passport) and the Customs Officer will give the driver a "gate pass" if the drivers must wait for their customs status to be confirmed, or if completing rest periods within the port area. With this "pass", vehicles will be allowed to leave the site in the absence of Customs officials.


If the immigration control is not carried out immediately after disembarkation from the ship, drivers will have to wait before exiting the port until the next ships arrival and subsequent presence of Customs officials.


With regards to unaccompanied vehicles, drivers collecting or delivering trailers will be given a "gate pass" at the entrance to the port allowing them to leave the port site 24 hours a day.