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Covid-19 Important Information - Face Masks

In order to comply with evolving advice and regulation, Brittany Ferries has made the wearing of  face masks by freight drivers compulsory on all of its services.  This regulation will apply from arrival in the port area, to departure from the port of destination, with the only exception being when the driver is inside their cabin on board the ship. 

A decree by the Spanish Government now makes it mandatory for drivers arriving at Spanish ports and using ferry services to wear a protective face mask.   Please ensure that your drivers are informed and suitably equipped.


Please be advised that the authorities at the Port of Rosslare have issued a directive stating that with immediate effect, all port users must be wearing protective masks whilst on the port or in terminal areas.

We thank you for your co-operation and understanding whilst we strive to offer the maximum level of protection to drivers and to our colleagues on board and ashore.

Stay safe.