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Covid-19 Updated Information

Since the start of the lockdown measures which came into force just over a month ago, Brittany Ferries has continued to offer vital supply chain options to the transport industry on its routes operating between France, the United Kingdom, Spain and Ireland.  We have done so with the support of the fantastic teams on board our ships and those in our ports.  Vital to the success of our work has been the great cooperation that we have received from our customers, those truck drivers who have continued working and ensuring that the wheels of industry keep turning.

Special measures have been put in place both on board and ashore to keep everyone safe and we offer no apology for issuing this reminder of some of the key points:

  • Social distancing is vital at all times.  Drivers are asked to remain in their cabins throughout the crossing.  Drivers must not congregate, even on open deck spaces.

  • Meals on board. Since the beginning of the Covid-19 restrictions, Brittany Ferries has provided drivers with a very basic, free offer of food and drink on board.  With effect from Saturday 23 May 2020, we will be starting to increase the choice available to drivers, albeit still at a very basic level. On our services between UK-Spain, sandwiches and prepared food will be provided free of charge. On Channel services, as usual, drivers will be offered a 50% discount on all food and non-alcoholic beverages.  We hope to resume a fuller catering facility as soon as we can safely do so. Drivers may, of course, bring their own food and drink on board but there are no facilities available for re-heating etc.

  • Drivers are asked to be patient.  The additional measures that are in place often mean that loading and unloading of ships takes longer than usual.  We understand that this can be frustrating, but please know that we and our border control colleagues are doing everything we can to avoid delays.

  • Use of cabins on board.  In order to respect distancing requirements, we have been providing one cabin per truck since the start of the lockdown.  To ensure the safety of our cleaning staff, drivers are asked to place any used bedding and towels in the bag provided and leave this outside the cabin door on arrival. 

  • Refrigerated vehicles.  New procedures are in place to ensure social distancing whilst the vehicle is connected to the ship's electrical supply.  Drivers are asked to note the instructions provided on their ticket.

We appreciate that these measures represent an additional burden, but the safety of all is our paramount concern, and Brittany Ferries thank you for your continued support.