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Road Works at the Port of Bilbao

We have been informed the Tunnels of Mamariga, road BI-644 that gives access to the Port of Bilbao, will have road works from 04/11/2018 to 02/06/2019.

These works will affect both directions: A-8, exit from the Port and the entrance to it, in two phases, starting with the tunnel of the Port direction A-8 and the second in the opposite direction of access to the Port

The entrance to the Port will be two way traffic with one entrance lane and one exit lane, excluding the following time slots where it will be one way regulated by traffic lights.

-Morning: 10h30 - 13h30 (traffic light time lapse: 3 mins 40 secs)
-Afternoon: 16h00 - 17h30 (traffic light time lapse: 4 mins)
-Night: 21h00 - 05h00

Please allow extra time for your journey.