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For some months, news stories about immigrants have provoked debate both at home and abroad.  The security of continental ports is consistently being tightened to prevent clandestine passengers from gaining access to the United kingdom. 

Even though, thus far, western Channel and Spanish ports have been less impacted than those further east, we are far from complacent and would wish to remind customers of the following measures that will help to keep the risks to a minimum:

·         The UK government's web site provides important information and a checklist to enable drivers to show good faith and vigilance in ensuring that they do not inadvertently permit clandestine passengers to board their vehicle :

·         Vehicles must be equipped with a TIR cord and be sealed (and/or padlocked) when they arrive at the port

·         Drivers should respect latest reporting times (minimum 1 hour before departure), in order to permit security staff to carry out essential checks.   Vehicles that are not ready to board at least one hour before scheduled departure time risk not being shipped.

·         Security staff may ask drivers to open vehicles, breaking seals etc, in order to allow checks to be made.  Drivers must co-operate fully with these checks.  Vehicles will be re-sealed and supporting documentation provided.

·         Any information that drivers can provide on the activities of potential clandestine passengers will help us to keep our ports secure, for the benefit of all.

Please forward this information to all your staff. We appreciate your ongoing support in helping us to combat this increasingly difficult situation.