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Procedure for delivery and collection of unaccompanied vehicles in the port of Caen-Ouistreham

In order to ensure compliance with the ISPS code (an international agreement relating to security of ships and port installations), the authorities require us to provide complete traceability of all persons and vehicles present in the restricted areas of the port.  The existing procedure for delivery and collection of unaccompanied vehicles in the port of Caen-Ouistreham will be tightened with effect from 15th February 2015.

All deliveries and collections of unaccompanied trailers will henceforth need to be pre-advised by email from your company.  Once the details have been checked by Brittany Ferries' operational staff, details will be passed to the gatehouse, where staff will authorise access.

The email address to be used is the following:

The following table should be copied onto your email and the detail provided, as appropriate:



Tractor N° 


2nd Driver

Trailer for Export

Trailer for Import












On site:

During opening hours, when reporting to the gatehouse, drivers will be directed either to the Freight Office in the terminal or to the Freight Office within the restricted area.  All drivers will be required to declare the goods being carried on the vehicle, by means of the CMR.    Between 23.00-06.00hrs local time, the papers should be left on the trailer in a location that is both obvious and accessible to our staff, to allow us to gather the information about the goods being carried.

The security staff, who are responsible for access to the restricted area, will not allow entry to undeclared or un-booked vehicles.

Please forward this new procedure to your staff.

Freight Sales contact :

Port contact, Mr Sébastien Bourges :