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Refrigerated Trailer Parking in Plymouth

Construction of housing within close proximity of Millbay Docks over the recent years has led to an increase in the level of complaints of excessive noise coming from the port area. This has led to the local Environmental Health Department insisting that controls are imposed on the running of refrigerated vehicles within this area. Effectively they wish to stop all vehicles running on their diesel engines. As a consequence, we are pleased to take this opportunity to let you know about a facility in Plymouth for refrigerated trailers that the port operator has invested in to ensure that the new restrictions have minimal impact on your business. 

Associated British Ports (ABP) has installed 6 refrigerated trailer plug-in points within the Plymouth freight compound. This facility has partly been provided in recognition of the large number of fridge operators using the port of Plymouth, but it is also a response to official concern at the noise pollution being caused by running fridge motors within the port area.

These plug-in points are available for use by any Brittany Ferries customers that are sailing into or out of Plymouth. Naturally, there is a cost to the facility, which will need to be borne by the user, but ABP have agreed to keep costs to a minimum - at our request - that clients will only be required to pay the cost price for use of the plug-ins, i.e. there will be nothing added on. The cost for this service will be £1.40 per hour and will be broken down in 15 minute intervals.

The anticipated procedure for use is as follows:

· Hauliers will retain the right to park in designated areas outside the Freight Compound with their fridge motor switched off; Hauliers will still be able to park in designated these areas with their fridge motor running for a maximum of 2 hours prior to sailing time or 2 hours after disembarkation; parking conditions will be rigorously applied by the port authority

· Beyond these scenarios, the plug-in bays will need to be used

· So, should clients wish to use the facility, payment will have to be made directly to ABP via the security officials at the freight gate (unless prior credit arrangements have been agreed with ABP). Your drivers will have to be responsible for this payment and we foresee four likely scenarios:

-  Driver-accompanied, arriving or departing: drop trailer, leave freight compound, returning to collect trailer under existing conditions and paying for plug-in usage on departure;

-  Unaccompanied inbound: collecting driver pays appropriate amount before removing trailer from the compound;

- Unaccompanied outbound: delivering driver pays appropriate amount (for time between drop-off and reserved sailing time) before exiting the compound.

- Accompanied rigid lorry units arriving and departing requiring use of this service should be aware that drivers will not be permitted to stay with their vehicles as this is a Customs Approved Area.

Please be assured that the appropriate procedures will be in place to ensure that temperatures are set and maintained at the correct levels at all times.

This facility is offered and controlled solely by the port operator, (including all charges), not by Brittany Ferries. All matters relating to conditions applied to its use including payment queries and insurance issues should be directed to them at the following address: 

Associated British Ports





N.B. Access will be available 24/7 but at certain times (port patrols, for example) Security may need to be called to attend (number displayed at the security gate)