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French Trunk Road Network Lorry Tax POSTPONED

Details are now emerging about the new "Taxe Poids Lourds (TPL)", also known as the "Eco-tax", which will be introduced across much of the french trunk road network from 1st January 2014. The Eco-tax will apply to goods vehicles with an authorised gross weight of over 3.5 tonnes. A map of the road network where this is applied can be downloaded here.

The TPL will be managed by a private service provider called Ecomouv' and the tax will be paid either directly to them or through one of a number of authorised agents. Vehicles will be required to carry an in-cab onboard unit to calculate the toll; the amount charged will be based on the vehicle's Euro emissions category, number of axles, authorised gross weight and distance travelled. Toll prices will vary from €0.076/km for a two-axles, Euro V vehicle, to €0.161/km for a vehicle combination with four axles or more and Euro II emissions category. Registration for this scheme is now open and more infomraiton is available on the Ecomouv' website.

This information is sourced from the FTA.


The FNTR, is offering more guidance to the ECOTAX, including access to an app for certain calculations. The guidance is in English, French and Spanish and can be accessed via:

This information has been provided by the RHA.

Updated 21st October, 2013


According to an article posted today by Lloyds Loading List the introduction of the Eco-taxe has been postponed again. Please follow this link for the full article:

The French government today announced the postponement of a tax on HGVs scheduled to be introduced on 1 January 2014, amid growing protests especially in the Brittany region which was the scene of violent clashes between farmers and riot police last weekend.