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The RN174 has opened to Cherbourg


It has been a long time coming but, covering a distance of 50 kilometres, hardly surprising. At last the RN174 has finally been completed and now allows for the entire Cotentin peninsula to be driven through on brand new, toll-free dual carriageway. Gone are the days of having to transit the rather quaint Normandy towns and villages along the road from Valognes to Granville and on to Avranches. Now the link from Carentan, down and by passing St Lo to join up with the A84 is complete.

This new link clearly makes the choice of the Brittany Ferries Cherbourg to Poole service equal on the list to the St Malo and Caen routes for its freight customers. In fact from mid-March the return of the ever popular Barfleur at a consistent departure time, seven days a week, will further add to the attraction of this long established route, 40 years young this summer!

For further information and rates please contact the Freight Sales Office on 0330 159 5001

Updated 9th January, 2013