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Clandestine passengers

Continued cooperation with authorities in the Caen/ Ouistreham area has shown that vehicles parking close to the Carrefour supermarket on the entrance to the town of Ouistreham are frequently targeted by potential stowaways and consequently we urge particular vigilance on the part of drivers.

Updated 16th April 2012


Although checks to prevent illegal immigration have become more stringent in recent years, we have recently witnessed a recurrance of this problem at certain continental ports.  We would therefore like to take this opportunity to remind you of your responsabilities, as they are laid out in our Conditions of Carriage, which are available on this web site.

It is recommended that, in the event that stowaways are found in your vehicle, you avail yourselves of your right to report the matter to the French or Spanish authorities. 

From experience, we have noted that the following locations close to our ports present the greatest risks of being targetted by stowaways:

Ouistreham: the area close to the supermarket at the entrance to the town.

Cherbourg: the filling station by the roundabout at the entrance to the port.

St.Malo: the pre-embarkation area outside the Customs controlled zone

Roscoff: the parking area by the port entrance.

For your information, the following notes concerning security measures relating to stowaways have been posted in our terminals, for the attention of all drivers.  

-    Latest reporting times to be observed ( 1 hour prior to departure for driver accompanied vehicles, 2 hours for unaccompanied vehicles)

-    Trailers should be locked and must be inspected by the driver both internally and externally.

-    Do not leave your vehicle unattended in the proximity of the port.

-    If you are in any doubt, please advise any Brittany Ferries member of staff or the authorities present at the port.

-    British authorites will hold you responsible should stowaways be found in your vehicle.

Updated 24th April 2012