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Increased Security Measures

Having seen the benefits of increased vigiliance and checks on the part of all over the past years, it is not our intention to allow such investment to be denuded. Therefore, we would to remind you that attempts by illegal immigrants to gain entry into the UK continues through all continental ports and we would like to draw your attention to Article 10 of Brittany Ferries' Conditions of Carriage (copies of which are available on request), which relates to the cariage of stowaways and states:

"The shipper (i.e. the transporter) agrees to accept full liability and to compensate the sea carrier for any expenses incurred resulting from the carriage of stowaways or any other person whose entry (into the UK) would be illegal, irrespective of whether the shipper was aware of their presence"

We would, moreover, remind you that it is an absolute requirement that your vehicles be checked in for departure at least one hour prior to the scheduled sailing time; this to allow, amongst other things, sufficient time for the necessary security checks to be made prior to boarding. You should remind your drivers that failure to allow enough time for their vehicle to be so examined may lead to it being short-shipped.

We would also ask that your drivers remain vigilant when awaiting embarkation in our ports in order to minimise the possibility that stowaways are able to hide in or underneath the vehicle.