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Hazardous Cargoes - Pre Advice

Brittany Ferries' checking procedures for hazardous goods are stringent, the safety of our vessels, their passengers and crew being of paramount importance. These procedures can also be quite complicated and lengthy and is this one very good reason for us to have the necessary information well in advance of sailing time so that there is no risk of short-shipment of your vehicle(s) through our inability to complete the necessary checks.

In recent months we have seen a sharp increase in the number of vehicles arriving without any pre-advice of the details of their load, or arriving with goods different to those advised to us. As a result several vehicles have been short-shipped, simply because there was not adequate time for staff to process the paperwork before departure.

With the above in mind we would once more stress that you need to pre-advise us of any hazadous consignment well in advance of your desired sailing time; the ideal method of advice remains a faxed copy of the DGN's to the UK Reservations Office for Southbound, and the Cherbourg Reservations Office for Northbound traffics. When either these offices are closed and the shipment is imminent contact us.. Please note that for shipments ex Portsmouth the Portsmouth Habour Master must also be informed, fax 023 9283 3839.