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Access to Freight Compound - Ouistreham

The international code that governs the security of ships and port installations (The ISPS Code) obliges operators to take specific measures to control access to ferry terminals. We are advised that local authorities have imposed changes in the arrangements for vehicular access to the Ouistreham (Caen) terminal.

With effect from the 1st June 2007, no vehicle will be granted access to the secure area of the terminal without having a reservation reference number, allowing vehicle registration (or trailer number) to be identified against a booking on a specific sailing.

Collection of unaccompanied vehicles from the terminal will require an email request to the following address:


In the absence of such a request, the driver will be refused access to the secure area and our staff will not be authorised to release the vehicle from the parking area.

In addition, and again with reference to the ISPS Code but also to ensure the safety of quay staff during the commercial operations of our vessels, with effect from 1st June 2007, no freight vehicles will be permitted to park on the terminal between 09.00hrs on Fridays and 22.00hrs on Sundays, with the sole exception of vehicles carrying non perishable loads disembarking after 22.00hrs on Saturday. Customers are reminded of the availability of the truck stop at Mondeville, on the Caen ring road, some 15Km from the terminal, where vehicles may be parked over the weekend.

We would ask that customers ensure that these new procedures are made known to all relevant staff, as well as sub-contractors and we thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Issued 15th May, 2007