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Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF) - 1st August 2008

Recent dramatic increases in the price of oil have been well documented and publicised. Undoubtedly, the transport sector has borne the brunt of these unprecedented rises, with all links in the supply chain similarly affected.

Through innovation and rigid cost management, Brittany Ferries has been able to delay the introduction of a fuel surcharge, against the general industry trend. Regrettably, this is no longer possible and with effect from 1st August 2008, we are obliged to implement a Bunker Adjustment Factor as follows, on a per shipment basis:

  • Channel services €9.50 / £7.60
  • Irish services €19.00 / £15.20
  • Spanish services €28.50 / £22.80

These charges will remain in force for an initial period of three months and are based on the current price of $130 per barrel for Brent Crude. The next review will take place mid October, based on the following table, which reflects the price of oil on the international market, and any changes will be implemented from 1st November 2008.