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Parking restrictions - refrigerated vehicles, Millbay Docks, Plymouth

Associated British Ports has advised of some important changes to parking arrangements for refrigerated vehicles using Millbay Docks in Plymouth.

These restrictions affect refrigerated units (with motors running) only and the area of land being the unmade ground on the right hand side as you enter the port.


  • Imported unaccompanied refrigerated units (motors running) will be held in the main freight compound (Restricted Area) awaiting collection.
  • Imported accompanied refrigerated units (motors running) will be required to depart immediately from the Port upon release by UKBA. If drivers require legal rest periods then the trailer can be dropped in the main freight compound with the lorry drive unit and driver then exiting the area and parking up on the outside storage area. Arrangements can then be made regarding collection of the trailer unit following their required rest period.
  • Export accompanied refrigerated units (motors running) may be accepted onto the outside area of land no earlier than 2 hours prior to scheduled sailing time of the ferry, upon which they are booked.

Updated 22nd June, 2010