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Enhanced Security Measures in Santander

In order to provide our clients with an appropriate level of security for their drivers, vehicles and loads, the Port of Santander has recently conducted a review of security within the port area.

Now that this review is complete, we are pleased to report that the harbour and policing authorities in Santander have agreed to put in place additional measures to ensure an even more secure port environment, something that will be very reassuring for both you and us.

In order to support these considerable efforts, we would ask that your drivers remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to the port security staff or a member of our own staff so that we can, in turn, advise the appropriate authorities. With regard to unaccompanied trailers destined for the UK, there is an additional security measure that is required and we would ask that those responsible for such traffics ensure that their drivers comply fully: in order for the National Police to check trailers thoroughly prior to embarkation, it is necessary for such trailers to be delivered to the port at least 3 hours prior to the advertised sailing time. Compliance with this measure will help us protect your interests.

Thank you for your cooperation. Should you require any further information please contact the sales manager responsible for your account.

Updated 24th June, 2010