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Further Security Measures in Santander

Further to our previous advice concerning enhanced security procedures in Santander port, we would like to notify you of the following additional procedures that have been introduced by the port authority.

  • Drivers who need to meet up so that they can set off from the port together can only do so after they have passed the National Police controls as vehicles are henceforth prohibited from stopping before they reach this point.
  • Abnormal loads and their pilot cars arriving on Sunday from the UK that are unable to move until Monday morning have until now been allowed to remain in the port area. However, from now on they will no longer be permitted to do so and must exit via the National police control point, cross the bridge and park up at the Haulier's village (Ciudad del Transportista).
  • Any vehicles whose drivers need to collect paperwork and/or goods at the Solvay freight depot will only be allowed to remain there for a limited period and will only be permitted to park up on the railway tracks behind the Health (Sanidad) building or in the area directly in front of the Solvay building.

Thank you for your cooperation. Should you require any further information please contact the sales manager responsible for your account.

Updated 25th June, 2010