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Brittany Ferries 2011/12 Winter Schedules

Brittany Ferries has announced that Barfleur will not operate between Poole and Cherbourg during the forthcoming winter season and its last crossing will be on Monday 3rd October.

Comments Mike Bevens, Group Commercial Passenger Director: "When we announced the return of Barfleur earlier this year, we made it clear that this would be subject to a review during the summer and, whilst support for the service by the local community has been very positive, it has not been enough to deliver the required revenue. Unfortunately, with the current depressed state of the economy, freight carryings have also not grown to the extent we were anticipating which, coupled with the relatively high price of oil, means that the operation of this type of service is unsustainable during the winter months. I know this announcement will disappoint a good many loyal supporters of Barfleur who were hoping for a year round service, but we have a duty to our shareholders, staff and other customers to maintain a profitable operation, hence the need to make this difficult decision."

"Our plans for next summer on the Poole to Cherbourg route will be determined in the new year.".

For further information telephone the Freight Sales Office on 0330 159 5001

Updated 14th July, 2011